Beyblade burst dynamite battle review 2021

This blog i will be show you Beyblade burst dynamite battle review 2021, Beyblade burst dynamite battle episodes.
Beyblade burst dynamite battle review

What's going on guys? It's Jake in today's video we are going to be talking about episodes one through three of Beyblade burst dynamite battle. What do I think of the new characters? What do I think of the show so far? So let's talk about it now before we get into it.

Beyblade burst dynamite battle episodes

What's going on, guys? It's Jake. In today's video, we will be talking about episodes one through three of Beyblade burst dynamite battle. What do I think of the new characters? What do I think of the show so far? So let's talk about it now. Before we get into the episodes, I would like to announce a giveaway that I'm doing with mall of toys. Beyblade burst dynamite battle review 2021 They are supplying five dynamite belly deals for you guys. If you guys have somehow not heard of mall of toys yet, they are a pretty awesome website that sells the newest Beyblades. And they have some bottle man stuff on there as well. I've done giveaways with them before, and they are pretty awesome. Beyblade burst dynamite battle review 2021 So go and join the giveaway link in the description down below. Also, go and drop them a follow on Instagram. They like to do promotions here and there that you guys do not want to miss. So join in the description down below and hit that like button. Let's get this video up to 800 Likes. Hit subscribe to join the note nation. And now, let's talk about these episodes of dynamite battle. So the series premiered with a double episode.
We had Episodes One and Two coming out on April 2. And those are the ones that we're going to talk about first. Beyblade burst dynamite battle review 2021 So the episode starts with our characters absurd and a sister Hannah approaching Bell's Castle. Now the Castle has this weird, evil, but comically evil look. Think of it like Dracula's Castle in Scooby-Doo. And it's set up in the same way. Bell has these little traps in the Castle here and there. And these tiny cameras that pop out. It's more like an acting sort of set rather than a real scary castle, but two characters are slowly navigating through all of the traps and Scooby-Doo set pieces.

And they eventually find a stadium, and that is when our new main character Belle makes his appearance. And he has his cape and his makeup going on. And guys, it is pronounced that Belle will not be an evil character like Lane was. Beyblade burst dynamite battle review 2021 He's going to be kind of like this comic bookish, evil character. Is it weird? He's not evil. And we know that he is putting on an act because he starts streaming this upcoming battle between him and Basara. And even vault and free can watch it from DC Sol. So it's pretty cool that we see those characters. Vault looks the same, and free now has a choker and an earring. 

Beyblade burst dynamite battle review 2021

Cool. And then the battle is underway. And we can see the differences between the old sparking technology and the new dynamite system that we have going on. Bell has a different launcher, and whenever he launches it, instead of getting the sparks from the sparking launcher, we have explosions kind of like dynamite, but the battle does wrap up pretty quickly. Bell uses his special move dynamite bomber and is ultimately destroys the death of Solomon here. Not any competition, but it's expected free vault and even Louis, who is secretly watching from his secluded island, all are watching the battle. They are just taking note of Bell, especially Louis. He gets it exciting. He wants to battle belt, and that is where episode one ends. Episode Two is a little bit more lighthearted at the start.

We see Belle inside of his Castle, and he's talking to his Bay talking to Belial, so they have that connection all of the Beyblade main characters have with their bit-beasts of a so-called bit beast anymore. We got to see that Bell is kind of similar to like Bruce Wayne or Batman. Hear me out so Bell and Bruce Wayne or Batman. They both live in their kind of Castle or mansion sort of thing, kind of higher living, so they're doing well. Batman has Alfred Bell as his older grandpa, which kind of helps him out and come on. They also both wear capes. Bell is Batman confirmed. And now we have our next challenge or our next battle. And it is going to be Louis pretty crazy that we see Louis battle in the second episode of the new season. That's wild. Basara and his sister are there, and they are trying to convince Bell, too, like you, to hold on a second. I don't think you know who this guy is. But that's what Bell wants. He wants to get more powerful, and he wants to show the world.


How strong he is by using his cameras and his set and everything, it's a whole production, and the battle begins, and Louie is immediately surprised at Belial strength. Belial looks a little bit smaller than rage long enough does, and it's a little bit quicker as well. At least at the beginning. Louis strikes back quickly with his raging upper special move, sending Belial into the air. And the air is where Belial stays because long Anis keeps fitting Belial right before it comes back into the stadium. And it's just juggling the bay in the air. But Belial can break out of this hold, and the two bays will go up against each other in a significant clash. Louis uses raging upper. Still, right before it makes an impact with Belial, it misses just barely. And then Belial has the upper hand, we have dynamite bomber being used, and lawlessness is sent into the air.

And first, Louis loses pretty quickly. And in episode two. Now I'm sure some of you might be upset at this. But here, look, first of all, Belial is part of the dual balance system. So it's a whole generation above rage long enough at this point. And Louis probably really underestimated how strong Belial and Bell are. He wasn't expecting it. I'm pretty sure Louis is going to be getting along in this evolution within the next couple of months, or at least I hoped so that would be awesome. So I'm sure we will see a rematch at some point. Beyblade burst dynamite battle episodes And I'm also kind of hoping that Louis can win at least one of those upcoming battles. And that takes us on to episode three, where we don't see that much besides a pretty crazy ending to a battle and the introduction of Ren Zhu Kiama, the brand new user of Ragnarok. Now a little bit of a background on Rand Zhu. He is not a brother to RAND Tarrou around Giro. He's maybe a cousin or just another family member.

Beyblade burst dynamite battle episodes

We also know that he is flying in from Brazil. I'm not sure how much time he spent in Brazil or even if he was born there, but we know that he says amigo like 15 times in this episode. And he is comedic relief. He is super annoying, but he's supposed to be in the episode. Beyblade burst dynamite battle episodes They kind of make fun of them for being annoying and not understanding certain things. That's just kind of his character. I hope he's not annoying the entire time, though, because eventually, it was just going to get old. And of course, just like in the other episodes, he will challenge Belle inside of the castle. And we have dynamite Belial up against glide Ragnarok. He's using glide Ragnarok. He has not evolved to cyclone Ragnarok just yet. We are going to see that pretty soon. But we do see a battle glide up against dynamite Belial.

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And this battle. It's obvious what happens, or so you think. And then the battle begins. Ragnarok, of course, takes dissenter pretty quickly and uses the special move Super Tornado. And this move can keep Belial away, and it's kind of able to push Belial to the outer limits of the stadium for a second Belial does quickly breakthrough it, though, and then starts to lay the smackdown on glide Ragnarok so much so that it charges up and breaks Ragnarok into a bunch of pieces. Beyblade burst dynamite battle episodes And Bella's even kind of surprised by his tower here. And I do hope that leads into a storyline where maybe Belle has to learn to control his power, kind of like AIGA but instead of the whole dark resident's idea, it's.

Caracter of Beyblade burst dynamite battle

More just learning control. And that kind of wraps up episode three pretty quick because there wasn't that much to talk about. It just ran Zeus here. He's annoying. Holy cow. We have the battle. He's using glide, so obviously, he's going to lose. He loses but his Bay breaks, and that's the exciting part. So far, it is pretty crazy. And episode two, not only did Louis lose, but he lost by burst finish. And in episode three, we have glide Ragnarok being destroyed, and in Episode Four, we will see cyclone Ragnarok being constructed being created. And it kind of looks like Bishara, who uses death, Solomon. He might get a bay upgrade at some point, to I don't know, bizarre his character looks interesting so far.

So I hope he does something, and he doesn't turn into like a Fubuki where he's just kind of there, and then he's just wholly lame by the end of the season. But let me know what you guys think of dynamite battles so far. I like it. It is kind of cheesy. It's a little corny. It doesn't have the same sort of serious hit that sparking had towards its beginning because, you know, it doesn't have a lane, and Lane was just super Opie super strong. Beyblade burst dynamite battle episodes We don't Have that character yet, but that does not mean that we won't get a character like Lane in the future. And that guys is going to wrap up the recap of episodes one through three of Beyblade burst dynamite battle. Let me know what you guys think in the comments down below. Hit that like button. Once again, we're trying to hit 800 likes. Hit subscribe to join the note nation and make sure to join in on the giveaway for dynamite Belial; five of them I will see you guys in the next one. Have fun and bail away.

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