Anupamaa Actress Madhavi Gogate Dies. Rupali Ganguly And Others Pay Tributes

Anupamaa Actress Madhavi Gogate Dies. Rupali Ganguly And Others Pay Tributes. TV actress Madhavi Gogate, who was best-known.
Anupamaa Actress Madhavi Gogate Dies

New Delhi: TV actress Madhavi Gogate, who was best-known for playing the role of Kanta Joshi in the popular soap opera Anupamaa, has died. The veteran actress reportedly died on Sunday morning. Madhavi Gogate portrayed the role of lead character Anupamaa's mother in the show. After Madhavi Gogate's death, Rupali Ganguly, who plays Anupamaa in the serial, mourned her on Instagram. She posted a photo of the late actress and wrote: "So much left unsaid...Sadgati Madhaviji." See Rupali Ganguly's Instagram story here:

She was 69. Madhavi Gogate began her career in small-time theatre shows as early as her twenties. She played the lead role in the indie showcase at the Mohit Kapoor Theatre. "I thought if I can be an actress, maybe I can make people happy. She said, 'When I entered television there was no feeling. There was no confidence in my mind, but now, all the shows have now become profitable and I am satisfied.”Anupamaa is a talk show of TRPs that saw her escapade an Urdu-centric character who acted with the personality of said. Anupamaa played a detective who was English speaking. In a conversation with TV Today, Madhavi Gogate said she started off in theatre plays. Now she acted in films and kept experimenting with her characters.

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Madhavi Gogate also had a supporting role in Vikram and Karthik. She has acted in Geet B. Phool, Saat Ram, Sadaabhumi, Intezaar, Ashishtar, Republic Day, Royal Pune, MNS Kondhakke, Ash Bhawaniyaan and Anupamaa. Many Bollywood personalities have condoled her demise. Rupali Ganguly, actor and wife of veteran filmmaker Indrajit Lankesh, who passed away recently, tweeted the news of Madhavi Gogate's demise, “Madhavi Gogate Ji has died!! Rest in peace Swayamtimaan and the family and the channel Anupamaa. The positivity in her life will always be remembered”. TV personality Shivangi Sinha also tweeted that Madhavi Gogate is no more. “R.I.P. Madhavi Gogate Ji. She was such a darling.” On the professional front, Madhavi Gogate has had a stellar career in television. She appeared in a trail-blazing show ‘Anupamaa’, which fetched her a laurel award in 1994.“In TV, the actor takes a back seat to the director, the director takes a back seat to the writer, a writer takes a back seat to the producer,” she told IANS in an interview when asked about the recognition she has received after a stint in Anupamaa. When asked about the toughest role she faced, Madhavi Gogate said it was playing a fatherly figure in Mohit Kapoor’s Kalabhavi Aari. “I had to learn the JK [Indian kein en kehte hain] which was Hindi for English to give a panicky delivery. Being the son, he felt it. Also, the emotion must have impacted me too.

I told Mahashekar (the lead actor) and Raj Kapoor to let me shine on screen, but they didn’t let me.” Talking about Anupamaa, she said that the show gave her a good platform, which brought her into the limelight in the 60s. "Whether I won a walk-on role or not, I was happy that my name came forth at an early age. “I am also thankful for Anupamaa because of how supportive the producer Mohit Kapoor is. He gives an opportunity to his artistes.” When asked about the toughest scene from Anupamaa, Madhavi Gogate said it was where Anupamaa was up running, in the snow, when Madhavi Gogate was on a plane. “The arrival scene is tough as well. It is difficult to learn my lines.

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And it was when Anupamaa has landed in Mumbai, she signed a contract with Kalabhavi and flew back to England on her own.” She has made several great contributions in the television industry and will continue to do so. “I have received many accolades over the years. Sometimes I have never been able to walk on my own. I have learned to be at home, only I am on television and that is all I can do for now.” She also expressed hope for the industry.“If the media ban promotions and advertisements, there will be new talents.” A decade ago Madhavi Gogate set sail on Kalabhavi and got married to Indrajit Lankesh. It was an escapade never seen on screen.

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