President Biden Takes Questions After Passage of Infrastructure Bill in House

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On March 22nd, President Barack Obama signed into law a new infrastructure bill that will allow the United States to invest in the country’s roads, railways, and airports. When asked about this legislation, President Biden addressed the House of Representatives and commented on how it will be a boon to workers. President Biden was thanking Congress for passing the bill and noted that “we have all been through this for a long time. It has been a long time coming. It has been discussed among our countrymen for many years now.”

President Biden Takes Questions

To what extent did the election results help propel this bill to the finish line? And how that how are you able to bridge the gap last night between moderates and progressives?

Well, you know, I'm not being facetious with the answer I'm about to give you but I don't, I'm not going to be a prognosticator and make a judgment on what, how the election could or would have been different. Each state is different. And I don't know, but I think the one message that came across was getting something done. It's time to get some done stop, yo, stop talking. get something done. And so I think, again, that's what the American people are looking for. And I think it's legitimate. And when you ask how we were able to bring things together?

Well, you know. All kidding aside, I have I believe everybody in the process is entitled to be treated with respect.

And I've been doing this kind of thing my means it's not all me, but I've been doing this thing my whole life. I've been able in the Senate to put things together when people said they couldn't be put together just by making the overwhelming point that he can't have all you want. It's a process. There's no one piece of legislation is going to solve everybody's problems. So I spent a lot of time, as you probably heard, with a lot of people, both political parties, and within my party, say, look, let's, if we move on what's here in this bill, that is the infrastructure bill, it is a game-changer in a half a dozen ways, the fact that it has too much where you don't want to more than you know, not enough, you don't want just let's let's be reasonable.

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Let's take a look at this. Let's do what we all agree at a minimum is in the interest of the American people. And if you want to add more, we can fight about it later, when you want to subtract some of it. I've never voted for a major piece of legislation, an omnibus bill that I was for every piece of it. People say, Well, how do I explain this? I said, Well, you explained to the American, your constituency, and I'm not telling you how to do it. But you go home and say this is what it did. President Biden Takes Questions It had one piece in here, there's not enough money for this, or there's too much money for that. But overall, this has been a gigantic benefit to my congressional district. And so I spent a lot of time taking questions from both and bothering everybody at the end of the day, I have to admit, I dealt with me fairly. I mean, they were we and part of the process is probably more than need to know but part of the process is getting to know all the people personally, again, I've been out of government for four years.

I used to do this every day. I used to know about every district I was working with when I was vice president, I know, I know them and call up and say Charlie, or Harry or Mary, right. And so it's getting to know a lot of these people to build trust. President Biden Takes Questions Because everything I say I'm going to try to do I will try to do. And I think that's also part of the process.

Just lately experienced president we've ever seen. But to get this first agenda item over the finish line, you need Republican votes. Sure. You're not going to have Republican votes, though, for your build back better agenda, isn't it? Doomed? And then my second question, Mr. President, OPEC, plus has snub your call to pump more oil. When will you respond with an SPR release?

First of all, I do not expect OPEC to respond that Russia or Saudi Arabia will not respond, they will pump more oil, where they pump more oil, something different, there are others there are other tools in the arsenal we have to deal with, and I am working with other countries at the wrong time, I will talk about it that we can get more power from the pipe figuratively, literally speaking. And I do not start by thinking that I will never get anyone to vote for you. So I think honestly what will happen is that we will see what happens in the Senate and that I only need Democratic votes, which is possible, which could be the result. And the question is can I get all those votes? This is a process again and again. You told me I wouldn’t do anything anyway. From the beginning, no, no, be honest. All right. You did nothing. And I don't blame you. Because you are looking for facts. You're gone, Oh, how is this going to be done? But I think I think there is something I think is dawn on the part where most people hold positions of choice that if you do one of these, things get better for them and for everyone else. And I'm sure some statistics say, well, Biden is getting this other bill, and it will go very fast. And it would hurt, you know, Democrats too. Well then. President Biden Takes Questions After Passage of Infrastructure Bill in House That's why I think we should try to figure out how to do this whole thing as there are so many things we need to fix. So.

Did you get the assurances from the House and Senate Democrats, that they will vote for your bill and bring back a better system now that they really wanted the infrastructure bill passed? You know, I'm not going to answer that question. President Biden Takes Questions After Passage of Infrastructure Bill in House Because I will not go into the details of who made the obligations to me. I do not discuss it in public. But I feel confident. I feel confident that we will have enough votes to pass this bill. Better plan. You have been forced to scratch family paid leave in your organization a few weeks ago. Sorry. Are you forced to take out paid family vacation from the framework you issued a few weeks ago? House back in? Can you keep it in the bill, once you get to the Senate?

Where do you stand? Did you say last week that this report on families migrating across the border is receiving trash payments? No, I mean that. Specifically he said everyone who crosses the border gets 500 $ 450,000 that's what you have Pro Number guys we find right. Now here is the thing. If, in fact, because of misconduct, the last authorities, crossing the border, whether it is legal or illegal, and you have lost your child, you have lost your child gone. You deserve some kind of compensation, no matter what the situation, that will be. President Biden Takes Questions After Passage of Infrastructure Bill in House I did not know. I have no idea. Yes,

Two questions. You have twice referred to China in your comments. And yet we are not given anything about the Chinese bill, which is one-third of what you hope to do here. The Senate has not yet arrived in the house. And that seems to be the key to our competition. So I was wondering if he would talk a little bit about that. President Biden Takes Questions After Passage of Infrastructure Bill in House Then tell us how you feel right now. About the Iran deal. As it looks like he will return to the conversation at the end of the month. But the Iranians made it very clear at this time. They do not plan to destroy much of what has been done so far. Are you in your B plan at this time? I won't go in around now. And in China's bill, you refer to everything in advance. We have to finish this. You have to complete this. The following is a better back build. Do that. Well, so I'll take another question and check it out. Democratic Alliance president Abigail spanberger.

he said in your presidency this week, no one has elected him to be FDR. They chose him to be normal and to stop the chaos. How do you do your job after losing Tuesday's Democrats election?

Abigail is an outstanding entertainer. We talked for a long time, he joked and I also have a picture. He said I have a picture of Roosevelt hanging in my office, in his office, okay. I don't care about anyone but Joe Biden. That's what I am. And what I try to do is do the things I was rushing to do. And look, the people there are ordinary Americans, really hard-working, miserable a few years ago, starting with COVID has affected almost every family in some way, whether wearing a mask or losing a family member. , you know, 750,000 and Americans died 750,000. And so people are worried people are also worried, you know, coming, they don't understand. Why is the price of agricultural products when I go to the store, why is it high? What if, for example, if I had it we would all go out for lunch together and say let's ask anyone at the next table no matter what restaurant we are in who should explain to us the supply chain. [1]

What Does the Tax Bill Mean for Investors?

The passing of the Tax Bill means that investors will be able to take more risks and invest in the future. The passage of this bill means that investors can take more risks, which will result in America is a leader in the future. Without the Tax Bill, America would have been behind on its infrastructure by 50 years. They did not understand what we were talking about. President Biden Takes Questions After Passage of Infrastructure Bill in House They are smart people. But the supply chain. Why is everything backed up? Well, it is supported because people provide things that end up on our kitchen table, or at home, in our family in our lives, guess what? They are close to those plants because they have COVID They are not. So it is a complex world that people face. We have never had to deal with anything like this before. I mean, I'm not saying it's the worst thing in American history, but we've never had to deal with anything, this, this kind of interpretation of understanding what's going on. And you can understand why people get angry.

And me whether you have a PhD, or you work or you work, you know, in a restaurant is confusing. So people are understandably worried. They are worried. And so what I can say is what I will try to do to explain to the American people as best I can. And then, you are ready to make a living. President Biden Takes Questions After Passage of Infrastructure Bill in House I have never really seen your supply chain. No, no, I'm not criticizing. I would be very sure if your editor said, define the supply chain. Okay, we wish you the best of luck in your old age, my Kochi. But I mean, this is a confusing, confusing time. Think of all those children, all those children who may have missed out on more than a year of education by leaving just one semester. All this happens about access to everything from when you go back to college, when you are in college, you go back to where I have to wear your mask, whoever you live with. I mean, this is a confusing time. And to me, it seems like my job as president of the United States is to try and see myself. What is most needed to make people feel comfortable, and let them know that there is a way out? There is a way beyond this. The world has never been here before. That sounds like hyperbole but think about it. Think about it. This is one of the most dynamic points in history. All the pieces on the board are moving, both in theory, in their relationships, between nations, and pieces of what the work of the future people have. How do we do this? And so this is a confusing time.

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